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Hi, I'm Addie...

I am a REALTOR® in Columbus, Ohio with 25+ years of experience in Visual Merchandising + Design.  As a REALTOR® I understand what buyers look for when searching for a home and as a Visual Merchandiser, I know how to execute it.  My goal is for you to make the most money off the sale of your home.

When I am not staging or selling I am wrangling a toddler boy and three weiner dogs! The photo to the right pretty much sums up my life! Thankfully I have a very helpful husband that keeps him entertained while I am working.

I absolutely love helping people turn their home into a buyer's dream home.  For my clients that aren't moving but need a fresh look, I love to help them to achieve their desired look that fits their day to day lifestyle.

Whether you are moving or staying put, I look forward to helping you design your home's interior!

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Simply put, staged homes sell faster and sell for the highest possible sales price.

When preparing to sell your home, I will I help you to step back and view your home through the buyer's eye.  Yes, staging is decluttering, but it is SO MUCH more than that.  It is about highlighting focal areas , arranging furnishings in order for the  space to appear larger and brighter, stylize decor by applying the proper design principles and overall creating a space that buyer's aspire to live.  

Staging is not done in just vacant and hard to sell homes, it should be done for all homes.  I offer many different levels of staging whether you need staging services for an entire vacant home or simply a consultation on what you should do before listing your home. 


Staying put but desire a fresh look for  your home?  I also offer redesign services!

I look forward to working with you!

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